Will Ferrell to Play Games for Cancer Fundraiser

By   /   Sep 16, 2014

Hollywood actor and comedian Will Ferrell is going to spend October 26 playing video games online with the intent to raise enough contributions for two children cancer charities.

The fundraiser, being dubbed Will Ferrell’s Super Mega Blast Max Charity Gaming Extravaganza, will go on for two hours and be broadcasted live from the office of Twitch.TV in San Fransisco.

In the meanwhile a fundraising drive has been established through Indiegogo.com with different levels of donations, where each tier rewards the donors with various and might I say ridiculous Will Ferrell branded merchandise.

Donating $50 will get you a 4.5oz tube of dual-action sunscreen, $75 will net you T-shirts and hoodies, and above that get donors signed cowbells and Xbox controllers. If the total donations exceed $375,000, then one donor will be selected randomly through a raffle to join Ferrell in San Fransisco for his gaming marathon.

“Word of my video gaming prowess actually broke the Internet, and now some of the best gamers in the world want a piece of me,” he said in a jokey pitch video.

“I know the popular perception of gamers is that we are all extremely motivated, highly philanthropic and impossibly good looking. Let’s not alter people’s perceptions of us.”

In this charity fundraiser, Ferrell has the backs of Twitch, Amazon and Xbox One. The beneficiaries of this event will be Cancer for College, which provides college scholarships to cancer survivors, and DonateGames, whose work includes the provision of video games to children in the hospital.

“I want more people need to know how video games can help and how benevolent the gaming community is,” he said.

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