Terraria is Being Developed for Mac and Linux, Re-Logic Confirms

By   /   Sep 16, 2014

Have you been playing Terraria on your PC? Well, that question might hurt people who use Mac or Linux as the game has not been released to either of the operating systems. However, this will change soon!

The official website of Terraria received a new post from the developers of the game; this time it was directed towards the Mac and Linux users who also happen to be fans of the game.

After agreeing that for 18 months, the absence of these two versions had been long desired they went on to confirm that they are currently working on it:

We have been working diligently over the past 18 months to expand the World of Terraria – both in regards to the scope of the game itself as well as the platforms on which it can be played.

It has been simply amazing to watch our community expand into Console and Mobile in parallel with our reinvigorated PC fans.

We are extremely pleased to share the two teaser screenshots below that we hope will finally address a long-desired addition to Terraria: availability for both Mac and Linux!

Terraria 2

That being said, they also confirmed that the worlds and characters from Windows will also be compatible on Mac and Linux versions of Terraria and existing owners of the game will get it for free on either one of the new platforms through Steam.

Last but not the least, people from all computer-based platforms will be allowed to play together on the same servers.

Re-Logic also said that since both the versions were in the developmental phase, they were unable to give any specific release date, however, fingers crossed for a successful launch soon!

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