SWTOR Gets an Incredibly Short Teaser For Upcoming Expansion

By   /   Sep 16, 2014

An earlier Star Wars: The Old Republic live stream has shown us a slight peek into the game’s upcoming new expansion.

In the stream, writer Charles Boyd and Community Manager Eric Musco played through the Rakata flashpoint; after which a video was premiered titled “A Deadly Force Returns.” It was more of a teaser than a reveal and hence it’s doubtful that the new expansion will be titled that.

The teaser spans across just 22 measly seconds and contains no names or release dates. It does though give us time to think about this new entity that we must consider a “force” to be reckoned with.

Be warned though, the video contains some major spoilers about the Forge Alliance series of flashpoints. If you have played through all flashpoints then you have nothing to worry about. Otherwise you’ll just ruin your experience by knowing ahead the ‘person’ who is going to be starred in the next expansion.

A couple of months ago, a report published by industry analyst firm Superdata revealed that Star Wars: The Old Republic earned $165 million in worldwide revenue last year.

Provided that their research is accurate, these numbers would put BioWare’s game as the fourth largest subscription MMO in the world. Above them is the crowned king World of Warcraft, followed by Lineage and TERA.

Source: Twitch

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