Modders Can’t Wait for GTA 5 PC to come Out, Here’s a Female Player

We reported that GTA 5 PC version will be coming out finally on January 27, 2015; however the PC gaming community has been waiting for the game since a whole year now.

In fact, some of the modders are so eager they would start on PC without it if they could. For instance, check out the video above showing off what could apparently be the first PC mod for the game.

A YouTube user, and a GTA 5 PC fan, has put up a video detailing how she plans to create a mod that will allow you to play with a female character in the game. What’s more, she also plans to add a new voice over dedicated for the character.

While this is the first mod of the PC version of the game that we have come across it is plausible that there would be many other ideas floating the community right now. Do you have anything up your sleeve for January?

GTA 5 PC version is all set to hit the racks on January 27, 2015, which is more than two months late as compared to the release date of the Xbox One and the PS4 versions, i.e. November 18, 2014.