Guerilla Games Working on New IP, Horizon; Has Robotic Dinos

By   /   Sep 16, 2014

We know Guerilla Games for the Killzone series; however it looks like they might be weighing their wings to spread them across a new IP.

A Chinese website has reported on an unannounced project which is apparently codenamed Horizon which the Amsterdam based development studio is working on.

Now I’m no expert on the Chinese language, so I had to rely on the online translations available. Based on them, the allegedly leaked information comes alongside two screenshots, which are supposed to belong to the game.

Looking at these, we can say that Horizon is going to have a futuristic setting, and a read headed female protagonist. To top all that off, both the screenshots show that some of the enemies that you will be facing are going to be life-sized gigantic robotic dinosaurs!

Sounds like a plan.

The first of the screenshots show three characters fighting a robotic dinosaur in snowy mountains. Looks like atypical RPG with a twist.

One of the characters is the red-headed protagonist who is an archer; there is another with a gun and wolf skin on his body, the last on looks like he uses a javelin.

Moving on, the second screenshot leaked for the new IP of Guerilla Games introduces another environment. There is a jungle with wildlife and the huge robotic dinosaurs again which are supposed to have real time animalistic movements.

horizon 2

The last game that the developer worked on was Killzone Shadow Fall; that too had a lot of mechanical objects but no robotic dinosaurs.

We are unsure whether Guerilla Games plans to unveil Horizon at the next E3 conference or at any other time prior to that. Keep checking back for more information on this.

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