Final Fantasy Explorers Gameplay for Single Player, MP, Jobs, Libertas

By   /   Sep 16, 2014

We might not be real close to the release date of Final Fantasy Explorers, but we sure are close to seeing how exactly the game is going to play out. What we have right now is probably the most detailed collection of the title’s gameplay.

Recently, a total of four Final Fantasy Explorers gameplay videos surfaced online; each one of them shows off a specific feature of the game namely the single player mode, the multiplayer mode, the jobs and finally an overview of the town of Libertas.

In total, you get 26 minutes of gameplay footage!

This is not the first time that some Final Fantasy Explorers gameplay trailers have been released. We had shared three job related trailers last month as well. Oh and did all these trailers make you want to pre-order the game?

The Ultimate Box Limited Edition is what you should be getting.




Did you check out each of the Final Fantasy Explorers gameplay videos above?

Did they make you want to buy the game right away? Well, if they did, you will have to get a Nintendo 3DS as the game is being developed as an exclusive. It will be out in the Japanese markets on December 18, 2014.

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