Dota 2 Workshop Gets a New Update, Support for Multiple Teams Added

By   /   Sep 16, 2014

Dota 2 Workshop has received a new update, which adds Multiple Team Support and also provide fixes for most of the bugs being encountered by the players.

The team support that has been added with this new update will allow up to 10 teams to participate, which seems to be a welcome addition.

Added support for multiple teams (up to 10) and a multiple team custom game example.

One of the fixes that have been introduced with this update allows the portraits to move mouths whenever speaking lines, which previously was not happening.

Furthermore, some additional methods have been added to the scripted system, check them out below:

  • StartSoundEventFromPosition()
  • GiveXP()
  • GiveGold()
  • SetCustomGameEndDelay()
  • SetCustomVictoryMessageDuration()
  • SetCustomHealthLabel() allowing custom labels to be drawn above the health bar
  • ShowCustomHeaderMessage() to display custom header messages similar to first blood or kill streak notices

In addition to the aforementioned fixes and additions, there is also other bunch of stuff that has been brought in for Dota 2 Workshop Tools and to read more about them, head over to Steam’s website.

Share your experience with Dota 2 Workshop Tools with us in the comments below!

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