Destiny Warlock Voidwalker Builds Guide – PvP, PvE, DPS

By   /   Sep 16, 2014

The Voidwalker specialization for the Warlock class may not offer the rock solid defense of a Defender or the relentless offense of a Striker, nor have the precision of a Gunslinger or stealth of the Bladedancer, but it offers a deadly arsenal of skills that can decimate groups of enemies in an instant, something no other specialization can match.

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Destiny Warlock Voidwalker Builds

Basically analogous to a classic “mage” class in MMOs, the Voidwalker is adept in the usage of Void energy to maintain battle dominance.

This guide will show you three different ways to develop your Voidwalker for PvP and PvE games. Note that these builds are subject to change as the game gets nerfed or buffed.

If you wish to share any of your builds, feel free to do so in the comments section below.

Build #1 – PvP Cyclone of DoomClick to View Build
Vortex damage in Destiny is very powerful – it’s not to the point that it could be called overpowered, but you shouldn’t be too surprised if it gets nerfed in future patches, at least for PvP.

The Voidwalker is blessed with the powerful Vortex grenade, and unlike most DoT grenades of other specializations, this one has very fast ticks and can deal damage quickly.

Sadly, not everyone will stay in the Vortex grenade to take damage after the initial blast. Nevertheless, it is one hell of a denial tool and can be used to finish off fleeing enemies (or surprise incoming ones while defending).

Blink is an excellent PvP technique, and though it needs a bit of practice early on, it can provide you with a lot of agility, allowing you to surprise opponents and land your Nova Bombs without giving anyone a chance to move.

It’ll make you a harder target to hit once you master the skill. It is certainly an improvement over the vanilla Glide which leaves you highly vulnerable to attacks while midair.

Nova Bomb is obviously the bread and butter of this build, and we’re using the Vortex upgrade with it. Since Nova Bomb is an ability that can be executed from range, it will take opponents by surprise and more or less insta-kill anyone who is near the epicenter of the blast.

However, those pesky Defenders and Strikers at the edge of the blast are likely to survive, and there is no better way to deal with them than to have a spiraling vortex as the aftermath.

Your second skill to rely on is Energy Drain, which also triggers Energy Siphon that recharges your grenades much faster (more vortices!).

With Energy Drain we’re using Life Steal — not because it’s cool, but because you’ll need it when you hurt someone with melee attacks in PvP.

Usually after a melee you’ll be left exposed, so it’s best to make sure that you’re replenishing health after you jab someone.

For modifiers, we’ll use The Hunger and Vortex Mastery. The latter is for obvious reasons, and The Hunger will make sure you can keep on spamming Vortex grenades as much as possible through Energy Siphoning.

Recommended Stats
The build structure around Vortices makes it obvious that you’ll need lots of Discipline and Intellect for this. Find some light armor that would add to these two stats to reduce the cool-downs of your Vortex Grenade and Nova Bomb.

Build #2 – PvP/PvE The SeekerClick to View Build
The Nova Bomb is a pretty cool super move, but you can take it up a notch and make it plain nasty with Shatter and Angry Magic.

Shatter will split it up into three smaller Novae, all three being lethal in PvP and very, very powerful in PvE (only the radius becomes smaller), but Angry Magic will add a horrifying little attribute to these mini-novae: they will swarm and seek out enemies individually. This spells hell for opponents in PvP, and is mighty effective in PvE.

That’s the core aspect of this build right there. However, do note that if you want to use this build in PvE, it is probably a good idea to opt for Focused Control instead of Blink.

Blink is useful for PvP as it surprises players and adds unpredictability to your movement, but for PvE it doesn’t have the same effect as you’re playing with the AI.

Your Energy Drain will be there to reduce the CD of Nova Bomb so you can use those killer seeking Nova Bombs once again, and to top it off Embrace the Void will give you the necessary Drain effect to use your grenades more frequently.

You can even use this build for PvE as you can maximize your damage with the Nova seekers and finish weakened foes easily.

Recommended Stats
This is almost exclusively an Intellect build, as it heavily relies on seeker Nova Bombs for the biggest impact. Prioritizing Intellect-related equipment would be a good idea.

Build #3 – PvE DPSClick to View Build
Between the previous build and this one, there are very few differences to the core mechanics and philosophy. However, instead of Angry Magic empowering the multiple Nova Bombs, you want to maximize damage in PvE through Annihilate.

This modifier will increase the size of your individual Nova Bombs and also the grenades. With the Vortex grenade equipped for this build, you’re talking about a larger effect radius.

In PvE enemies won’t be as mobile as real players, so you can accurately land your Nova Bombs and throw Vortex grenades with precision. They will however be more enemies overall, and definitely harder to take down individually.

For this reason, collateral damage through your grenades and super move is a necessity.

Energy Drain remains the same, but you want to actually be using it more often in PvE than in PvP. Cripple your enemies to near death, then close the space down and use it to recharge your grenades and Nova Bomb.

With a good bit of Intellect and Strength, you’ll be able to rotate between your regular firing, your grenades, super move, and Energy Siphoning rapidly, constantly being a threat with spike damage whenever your Nova Bombs are ready.

One other important modifier here is Bloom. Since enemies tend to cluster up together in PvE, Bloom will prove to be a god-sent ability when facing AI.

Your Nova Bombs, Vortex grenades, and Energy Drain are likely to kill a few foes, so having them explode will allow you to deal damage to groups of enemies.

Recommended Stats
I’d go all-rounder with this build, mixing up Discipline, Intellect, and Strength to get the best balance and a healthy rotation of your skills.

Don’t forget to share your own Warlock Voidwalker BUILDS with us by commenting below!

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