Destiny Spirit Bloom Farming Guide

By   /   Sep 16, 2014

A spirit bloom is another rare material which can only be found on Venus – much like Spinmetal, relic iron, and helium filaments. This rare material can be exchanged with quartermasters in the Tower to gain faction reputation and marks.

Furthermore, you’ll come across several legendary gear [both weapons and armour] which will require you to have heaps of these materials to upgrade them.

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Destiny Spirit Bloom Farming

Following are the locations you can farm Spirit Bloom in:

Ishtar Sinks
To start your farming, you need to head over to the Headlands in the Ishtar Sinks and make your way to the Shattered Coast. Keep on following this area and you will come across a large statue.

Keep on following the path until you get to the Ishtar Commons. In this area, you will come across several depositions of the Spirit Bloom.

Furthermore, do make sure to check the high ledges to find chests containing the said material. You can check out Adoptionism’ video tutorial for the detailed farming route and exact locations that you need to find to farm the rare material.

Venus Patrol Missions
This method is originally discovered by LS of YouTube and requires that you have a party of 2-3 players since the area in which the Spirit Bloom is located is quite a large one. To get started, start the Patrol Missions on Venus and head over to the position detailed in the video.

Once there, you need to check every cavern in the area for possible chest spawn. Do note that, once a chest is opened, your friends will have abount 30 seconds to claim the loot. Just keep on scavenging the place and claim as much as you need.

Ishtar Commons
For this method, you need to keep on moving between Ishtar Commons and Hall of Whispers. The path connecting the two places will constantly spawn chests on random locations.

After opening up a chest in Ishtar Commons, head over to the Hall of Whispers and search the area before coming back to the Ishtar Commons. Keep on repeating this process and check every corner to farm Spirit Bloom.

Also, while in the Ishtar Commons, make sure to go in circles around the main area and keep on checking every corner and room for chests and spirit bloom depositions.

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