Destiny Spinmetal Farming Guide With Best Farming Routes

By   /   Sep 16, 2014

Every planet in Destiny is a home to different elements and materials. Spinmetal is a material that can found on Earth. Spinmetal is harvested from its plant which randomly appears at different locations.

Players can also acquire this material from dead bosses and completing missions. For more help on Destiny, read our Strange Coins, Fast Level Up, Legendary Engram Farming and Glimmer Farming Guide.

Destiny Spinmetal Farming

After accumulating fifty spinmetal, players can sell it to Arcite 99-40 in exchange for crucible marks and to Roni 55-30 for vanguard marks. Its other uses include upgrading gear and creating compact ammo for weapons.

If you know other uses, feel free to let us know in the comments below!

Old Russia
You need to head over to the Old Russia and stick to the right side. Eventually, you’ll come across a place with rusty planes, trucks, and machinery. In this area, you need to check a couple of locations to farm the spinmetal.

While in the said area, check for the material near broken planes, trucks, under plane wings, and inside the caves. You’ll find chests inside the caves which will often yield spinmetal.

If you cannot seem to find the material, leave the area by heading down the ramp and go a little farther. After that, return to the area and everything will spawn back. However, do note that this time around, the spinmetal will be in a slightly different area – really slight change of positioning.

Earth Mission #3
During the third mission, you need to scan the amplifiers in an area. In this area, you’ll come across spinmetal plants. Check the areas near the destructed buildings and the ships – the spinmetal will be in plain sight.

Once again, if you cannot get the material, leave the zone and come back again after a couple of seconds. However, by doing so, the position of the spinmetal leaves will be change slightly.

You need to get to the second section of the Rocketyard containing all those oil tankers and vehicles. In this area, there are a number of similar-looking storage houses. Within these storage houses, random chests spawn and these chests contain spinmetal and glimmer.

You can clear out the area of enemies and keep on checking each storage house to locate the chests and consequently find the spinmetal. Also make sure to check top of the buildings and corners to find it.

Earth Patrol Missions
SmileB4DEATH has compiled a nice little video on how to get about fifty spinmetal within the matter of an hour. Check out his video below and try out this route for yourself:

Found other routes that you would like to share with the community? Let us know in the comments below!

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