Destiny Iron Relic Farming Guide With Effective Farming Routes

By   /   Sep 16, 2014

Similar to Spinmetal on the Earth and Helium Filaments on the Moon, you can acquire Relic Iron from the Mars. Similar to Spinmetal, Relic Iron is harvested from Relic Shards.

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Destiny Iron Relic Farming

Like with other rare material, Relic Iron is used to upgrade legendary and exotic gear.

The Barrens
For this method, you need to head over to the Barrens and keep on roaming the area in large circles, until you get to the Iron depositions.

If you’re lucky, you can find up to 4 depositions during a single circle which doesn’t even take a couple of minutes. Huge shout out to Officer Zook for discovering the method.

Buried City/The Hallows
Enter the Buried City from the Scablands and enter the door on your left. Keep on going straight and the room ahead is your first loot zone. The other room in the same building is another loot zone.

After leaving this building, jump over the sand dune on the left and clear the area of all enemies. You need to enter the building on your left which is another loot zone.

Exit this building and stick to left to come across another room [loot zone]. In the same room, make sure to check the left corner to find deposition or chest.

Check the car near the beacon and go up the stairs to find another room on your left. Go all the way to the backside of this building for another loot zone.

There are quite a lot of these loot zones in this area. You can check out this video tutorial for a quick rundown of everything.

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