Destiny Helium Filaments Farming Guide

By   /   Sep 16, 2014

Similar to Spinmetal deposits on Earth, the Moon serves as the home of another rare element called Helium. Throughout on the Moon, Helium can be collected in the form of filaments.

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Destiny Helium Filaments Farming

Like with the Spinmetal, Helium is used to upgrade legendary and exotic gear.

Not only this, but it can also be converted into vanguard reputation or crucible reputation from respective quartermasters in the Tower. If there are any other uses that we have missed, comment below!

Archer’s Line
You need to go to the explorer mode and start the patrol. From the spawn point, jump onto the ledge on the right side which is one spawn zone.

Keep on following the path to the top and you’ll end up in front of a door with a red light right next to it. At the threshold of this room and inside this room are two possible locations for the farming.

After coming out of this room, head over to the left and jump over the barrier and you’ll get to another drop zone. Also, do make sure to check the small building near the particle accelerator to find another loot zone.

The two most important zones in this area are the two divisions of the top of the particle accelerator. This is the place where the filaments/chests will spawn most so make sure never to miss them.

After coming down from the particle accelerator, head inside the cave and make sure to search it to the very back! Come out from the cave and head to your right to come across a couple of supporting structures.

You’ll come across a cave on the left side which is another loot zone.

Hall of Wisdom
From the Archer’s Line, head over to the Hall of Wisdom building which is also common loot zone for the Helium.

However, you need to make sure that you check the complete interior; including both storeys to be successful. You can also stand near the entrance of the Hall of Wisdom and head to your left to find another loot zone.

On the right side of the Hive Temple entrance, you’ll come across another cave which is a loot zone. From this area, get back to the Hall of Wisdom and jump across the hill to find another cave loot zone.

Exit this cave and head to your right to find another cave on the right side of the Building #9. From this point, head straight and check the red-lit area in front of the building for another loot zone.

After searching the front, head inside the building and search the left side and backside of the building for some more deposition zones.

After searching the buildings, exit and head to your right and keep your eyes peeled on the right side. Check the rooms in the area and hop over particle accelerator one more time before starting the loop again.

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