Xbook One, A Cool Portable Xbox One and It’s Expensive

By   /   Sep 15, 2014

Microsoft’s Xbox One has been turned into an Xbook One laptop by a modder, which can be taken with you on travel with the portable options.

This is a custom made Xbox created by a modder named Ed Zarick, who posted this new Xbook Laptop on his blog, where he revealed that previously he has developed Xbook 360s and managed to build a total of 30 of them and now he is focused on the new gen platform.

He states that the development on Xbook One began almost two months ago where he decided to sacrifice the Xbox One console:

I knew it would be worth the sacrifice of the xbox one to give birth to the XBOOK ONE! I wanted this new xbook to be cleaner, thinner, easier to build, and more over all more cool. The xbook 360 had a 19″ 720p screen, I wanted bigger and better! So I went with a 22″ LED LCD monitor. This things is incredible sharp, as it should be at 1080p resolution.

This new Xbook One looks great, but if you want to purchase it, then you will need to have a large sum of money as this portable Xbox One will cost you $1500, which is just $1100 more than the Microsoft’s console.

Source: Edsjunk

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