Understanding Destiny Mote of Light and How to Earn

In Destiny, ‘Mote of Light’ is another kind of currency which is often confused with an attribute called ‘Light’.

Post-level 20, a player’s experience bar is replaced by another bar for mote of light. Every time, this bar becomes full, a player is awarded with 1 mote of light.

Mote of light is important in the sense that it’s used to buy endgame items comprising of emblems, Titan marks, Hunter cloaks, Warlock bonds from a vendor called the Speaker.

The Speaker can be found in the north tower which can be accessed by taking a left from the spawn point. For more help on Destiny, read our Strange Coins Farming, Legendary Engram Farming, Level Up Fast Tips and Glimmer Farming Guide.

How to Earn Destiny Mote of Light
So far, the only method to acquire a mote of light with a hundred per cent success rate is by gaining experience after reaching level 20. Always keep an eye out on the experience bar in the character screen and see your progress.

Like I have mentioned above, once the mote of light becomes full, the players receive a mote of light. Hence yes, there is a lot of grinding – somewhat similar to strange coins.

Note: Unlike many other items, mote of light doesn’t drop from dead foes.

There are some players who have also received mote of light from rare and legendary engrams. Although this process most certainly doesn’t ensure a hundred per cent success rate, it doesn’t hurt to try it out.

By now, you must have realized that it’s not possible to farm mote of light. You can increase your chances of getting them by farming rare of legendary engrams. The more engrams you have, the higher your chances of getting mote of light.

We have compiled a separate guide on different farming locations for rare and legendary engrams. Do make sure to check it out!

Hopefully, Bungie will come out with some more ways to let players earn these hard to come by currencies like mote of light and strange coins since most of the items from the Speaker cost more than 10 motes of light. Only the time can tell!

Do you happen to have any other method using which mote of light can be earned? Let the community know in the comments below!