Twitch Warns People About Malware That Could Compromise Their Steam Account

By   /   Sep 15, 2014

Twitch users have been warned by the website’s support to not click on any suspicious link that pops in the chat.

The warning was posted on twitter by Twitch Support, where they gave people the name of the link that must not be clicked in any case as it will compromise that person’s Steam account. Check out the tweet and filename below:

Currently, support staff for the platform is hard at work to fix this problem and block this new link, but until the fix to this issue is found by them, you should avoid “csgoprize” at any cost or you will compromise your Steam account.

This file seems to attract a lot of players due to its link to the popular title Counter Strike: Global Offensive, as it asks you for your email and name where you write these and other personal information for the game related items.

After that, a file is installed on to your system which allows the people behind the curtains to take out money and sell or trade items available in your Steam inventory.

You have been warned, now be careful until the support staff fixes the issue.

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