The Collider From Dead Island Developer Now On Steam

By   /   Sep 15, 2014

Developer Techland is putting their smaller in-house team, branched off as Shortbeak Studios, to work on new games. This confined effort focusing on smaller titles has just put up The Collider on Steam, an arcade game all about mobility.

In The Collider, the goal is simply to have reflexes guide a dot through a series of holes that are whizzing by. Visuals are kept rather minimalistic; just a tube in a certain color with shapes flying by is all you need in this game.

Really, the game is just Super Hexagon in a slight adaptation, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its own appeal. Plus, it seems to throw in a currency system for some added content.

Not unimportant: The Collider only costs €2.99 and for the time being, it has a 33% discount that puts it down to an even €2. It will revert back to its original price on September 22, 2014.

Shortbeak Studios is also responsible for Hellraid: The Escape, a puzzle game based on Techland’s main release of a medieval first-person adventure. Their focus is set on pocket titles, mostly relying on the mobile market.

It’s certainly interesting to see developers experiment with other styles. In recent times, developer Techland had been mostly known for their work on the Dead Island Series and Call of Juarez.

Since Dead Island 2 is being made by another studio, Techland is making their own apocalyptic game with Dying Light. Games like The Collider provide the company with a different scope, because it’s probably tiresome to always work on massive projects all the time.

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