Star Citizen Arena Commander Patch 13.0.1 to Fix a Host of Issues

By   /   Sep 15, 2014

The Star Citizen team has rolled out a patch (13.0.1) for Arena Commander. The new update will fix some issues with Arena Commander v0.9.

Patch 13.0.1 will address the connectivity issues along with the missing checkpoint from one of the race mode tracks and it will download automatically the next time you play Star Citizen. Thankfully, matchmaking issues are also going to be resolved and the devs will be taking private servers offline for that purpose.

In order to address ongoing connection issues, we are temporarily taking private servers offline. The engineering team is addressing what they believe to be a server-side issue that is causing the matchmaking issues some backers are experiencing.

Furthermore, the team is also working on a fix for the annoying bug which won’t let you get into multiplayer game, the queue counter ticks to zero before showing the message “No Game Found”.

“This bug relates to the server-side queuing system: the game is trying to put players into matches that have already started, which the game rules for Versus and Racing modes do not allow. As a result, players are made to wait and then ultimately told a match isn’t available instead of being given a new one”

You can view more details on patch 13.0.1 here.

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