GameStop Spain Closing Down all its Stores in the Country

By   /   Sep 15, 2014

Update: In an official press release, GameStop had following to say about the change in Spain:

Company Intends to Exit Spanish Market through the Partial Sale of Store Locations

So some of the stores will be handed over to GAME as they have a strong presence in the region.

Original Story
Well, it’s not every day when a retailer as big as GameStop decides to shut down their operations for a whole European country.

So although the source of the commotion is just a few allegedly leaked letters, we are supposed to report on it. Apparently, GameStop Spain is not doing so well in terms of financials and so, they will be closing down all their shops.

We stumbled upon the news on a NeoGAF thread where pictures of the letters (in Spanish) were posted.

If they are to be believed, the managing director of GameStop Spain has communicated to the employees that nine years off their efforts in Spain have not been enough to turn the business profitable for them. The result: all stores are to be shut down.

After announcing all that, the managing director goes on to discuss the possible future of the outlets and the employees, saying:

Right now we are working on the possibility of transferring a group of stores to another retailer, thereby achieving that the jobs of the employees of this shops can be kept. In the next days you’ll receive more information on the process, and I ask you that, within the delicate situation this assumes, among all get that the control of the business and the product be an added value to use in the negotiation of the trespassing of some of your stores.

Make whatever you want of that, but it comes in direct contradiction to what The Independent had reported back in 2012. Back then, GameStop’s business was flourishing so much that they were supposedly looking forward to take over all 291 GAME stores!

Well, we will have to wait for an official word on this from the company itself before anything can be taken for granted. Until that happens, we are free to turn into a private investigator right? So what do you think, could these letters be legit?

If yes, what would be your next best option if GameStop Spain ceases to exist?

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