Notch Leaves Mojang After Microsoft Deal, Wanted to Save his Sanity

By   /   Sep 15, 2014

In a heartfelt letter, Notch revealed to the world his departure from Majong. As you know Mojang is now the property of Microsoft after a $2.5bn deal between the companies. The reason behind the deal is said to be Notch himself as he never intended Minecraft to be as big as it today.

“Minecraft has grown from a simple game to a project of monumental significance. Though we’re massively proud of what Minecraft has become, it was never Notch’s intention for it to get this big”

It seems that the pressure to handle such a big project was overwhelming for the creator. He said that he doesn’t make games with the intention of making them into a huge success.

“I love games and I love to program, but I don’t make games with the intention of them becoming huge hits, and I don’t try to change the world”

Minecraft has very strong fanbase and it is an highly profitable entity. Microsoft made the right call by taking over but how will this affect the versions of Minecraft on Playstation platforms, is something the fans will surely be concerned about.

Notch has previously criticized Microsoft saying that Windows Phone is not worth developing for but now when the company is MS property, we sure are going to see the game running on Windows phones.

In his letter Notch apologized to the fans:

“I’m aware this goes against a lot of what I’ve said in public. I have no good response to that”

You can read the full letter here. What will the future hold for Minecraft? Only time will tell but it doesn’t necessarily have to be bad because MS has the money and potential to make Minecraft even more successful But like i said only time will tell, where things go from here.

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