Yup, Insert Coin Lets You Wear A Playstation Console

By   /   Sep 15, 2014

Sony is partnering up with the Insert Coin clothing line for a range of different items linked to the Playstation brand. This includes themed clothes, as well as replicas you may have seen in games.

For instance, one of the ensembles listed is that of Delsin Rowe from inFamous: Second Son. Delsin’s showy beanie and denim jacket have been nothing if not noticeable to fans and detractors alike.

For an older reference, you too can own Parappa the Rapper’s beanie. That’s two for two on characters known for their head flap.

Still, it’s not really those items that sparked our particular interest. Well, the Sackboy tights are a funny look and clothes from The Last of Us are fairly classy too, if a little too bland.

What we’re after is that snazzy bag, shaped like an original Playstation. That square handsome devil is exactly up our nostalgia-prone alley, power button and all.

Sony even chose the better, older version of the PS One, instead of opting for that flat rounded out iteration it launched afterwards. Its build looks rugged enough as well, though we may need to part ways on the price.

Right now, the Playstation bag retails for €58.50, which is a fair price by all means, but just a tad too much for a vanity item on our salary. Shirts usually go for €28.60 and a beanie will set you back €19.50.

If you enjoy identifying as a gamer, however, those Insert Coin garments look like a proper way to fill your wardrobe. We certainly have at least half our closet filled with game stuff, even though we’re totally adults.

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