Hyrule Warriors Glitch Lets You Use Skins of Other Available Characters

By   /   Sep 15, 2014

Hyrule Warriors launched in Japan over a month ago and the players of the game have managed to find a glitch that allows them to use the skins of other characters available in the game.

Check out a couple of screenshots taken by the community to showcase this glitch:

It surely is a fun one and I am sure a lot of players will be trying this out in their game right now to see how cross-dressing will work out.

However, people in other regions will have to wait for a little while more until they get to play Hyrule Warriors as it is going to launch on 19th of September in Europe, 20th in Australia, whereas North America will get this title on 26th of this month.

Hyrule Warriors is developed by Omega Force, which is the studio that has worked on the titles like Dynasty Warriors, Samurai Warriors and other great fighting titles.

Due to this reason, this new title from them despite being inspired from Legend of Zelda series plays a lot like Dynasty Warriors, as the combat is fast paced and players come across hordes and hordes of enemies at the same time.

Some of the fan favorite characters from Legend of Zelda series are also part of this game, which is why demand for upcoming title is on the rise.

We will see how the game does outside of Japan upon its release later this week.

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