Hellblade: Meet Senua in Ninja Theory’s Third Dev Diary

By   /   Sep 15, 2014

Hellblade has received its third developer diary from Ninja Theory, and this one focuses on the game’s protagonist Senua.

The video shows just how Senua looked as she was worked on over time, until the final model came forth just in time for the Gamescom teaser trailer. It was previously revealed that Ninja Theory had been short on time for their trailer and the teaser barely just made it through. Keeping that in mind, seeing Senua’s development carries a spark of interest.

“To create a character of intense realism, beauty, anger and history. A mystery that drives the action and story forward revealing more and more seductive details as she descends deeper into a vision of hell. She is a challenging female form not sexy, not skimpy, not young, not skinny, yet stunning, compelling and believable.”

All that said, Senua is still no where finalized. Ninja Theory wants to work more on her until she’s finally the Celtic barbarian warrior that the developer has in mind.

Hellblade is coming exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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