Fifa 15 PC Players Can Get 25% Discount if They Pre-Order Now

By   /   Sep 15, 2014

Fifa 15 players on PC are going to be pretty excited to know that they can now get their hands on the upcoming title for just $45.

The Origin key for the game is available with a %25 discount at digital retailers. After applying the code 9I47I9-ZOM38L-ZGV9KW during checkout can shave $15 off the suggested price and get youreself the title for $45 only. But hurry, the code is only valid till September 19th.

And that’s not all, preordering the game on PC will give you $15 worth of Fifa Ultimate Team Gold Packs. That’s up to 15 Gold Packs over the course of 15 weeks. So what are you waiting for?

Fifa 15 is powered by Ignite Engine and EA is aiming to bring highest level of realism to the game. If you want to check out the game before you make the decision of purchase, a demo is already out since last week for PC and consoles as well.

In the demo, you will notice a bunch of improvements made over last year’s installment such as improved commentary, dynamic and immersive match presentation, fan reactions and the most talked about, unique goal celebrations.

As you know that Fifa 15 isn’t the only soccer simulation title coming out this year as its rival PES 15 is all set to release as well. Flames of rivalry between Fifa and PES has been fueled a lot lately, mainly by Adam Bhatti who is the PES brand manager in Europe, taking  direct jabs at the competition, praising the gameplay of PES 15 and even going as far as comparing Fifa 15 to Ping Pong.

Who will take home the crown this year? Probably we already know the answer but let’s just wait for the actual results!

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