Diablo 3 Pets Getting Buffed

By   /   Sep 15, 2014

The recent months have seen Blizzard tentively releasing major changes for Diablo 3. However, until today the developer had not decided on tackling the issues of player’s pets in the game.

Pets can be summoned in the game by players. The Witch Doctor class in particular specializes in this and has a variety of pets to choose from. However, currently it becomes relatively harder to see your pets even survive the first wave of damage.

According to a post made by game designer John Yang on the official Diablo 3 forums, Blizzard has already a list of possible ways through which they can address the issue. These changes however are still on paper and in no way are final.

Yang stated that the pets should scale with the survivability stats of its owners. Right now they scale with most of your stats but not all of them.

“Pets should derive their Toughness from yours, and if you skip out on it, your pets’ survivability should be noticeably lower as a result,” he said. “On the flip side, they should be noticeably tougher if you’ve increased your own Toughness. You shouldn’t skimp on Toughness just because you have pets.”

Based on that, the developer is looking to divide the type of attacks that face pets into three categories:

  • Full damage to pets – Basic melee/weak projectile attacks, not expected to be always avoided by a player.
  • Reduced damage to pets – Special attacks such as fireballs, which typically deal more damage than a basic attack, are pretty bright and visible, and can sometimes be avoided by the player. Good example are Perdition’s volley attack or Agnidox’s fireballs.
  • Drastically reduced damage to pets – Persistent AoEs for which the player is intended to move out of quickly or highly-telegraphed attacks for which the player is intended to avoid altogether. Examples are Thunderstorm monster affix, Mallet Lord’s arm attack, or Morlu meteors.

The much welcomed buffs would be good news for every Witch Doctor character for now they get to see their pets soak in more damage and deliver more in return.

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