Destiny Titan Defender Builds Guide – Support, Tank, PvP/PvE

By   /   Sep 15, 2014

The Defender is one of the deadliest specializations in Destiny, coming out of the Titan class (unlocked at level 15).

These guys are robust with heavy armor, and possess strong abilities that can make the entire team reside in a small indestructible fortress, or allow them to individually become tanks with nearly ever-lasting impenetrable barriers.

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Destiny Titan Defender Builds

For those of you who would like a bit of assistance with how you should structure your Defender, here are a set of sample builds that should put you on the right track.

Note that these builds are subject to change as the game gets patches and upgrades. If you wish, you can further contribute by adding your own builds down in the comments section below.

The builder we are using for these builds is DestinyDB’s Calculator.

Build #1 – PvP Defensive RockClick to View Build
This is a support build for the Defender specialization.

The Defender has the privilege of possessing one of the strongest PvP tactical explosives in the game in the form of the Suppressor Grenade, which is a natural pick when playing in any kind of team-based PvP.

The Suppressor Grenade will prevent a group of nearby opponents from using their abilities, which is a great way to preserve and maintain your Ward of Dawn for a longer duration and give your teammates some recuperation time within its shell of safety.

We’re going with Increased Control for Lift here – Defenders will need to get around and facilitate players that are in need the most, and while IC won’t have a massive influence on your game, it will be far better than the other upgrades for Lift.

The Defensive Rock support is focused on Ward of Dawn. While offering offense through Weapons of Light is a good idea, as a supportive Defender you want to be giving assurance to your players.

You could do that with Blessing of Light, but Armor of Light tends to be most balanced as it allows you to ready your opponents for an assault, creating a temporary “headquarters” for 30 seconds in the form of WoD that gives them added resistance to gain an advantage over opponents.

Note that your Ward of Dawn will come under heavy fire and possibly lots of super-moves, which is why you’ll need to make sure you have your Suppressor Grenades prepped.

Though Disintegrate will always remain a very important part of your Defender’s gameplay, the Force Barrier is more self-centered and works as a better option for tanking rather than support.

When you have it though, both Gift of Light and Unbreakable seem like good choices. Here we’ve picked Unbreakable to add additional robustness, since we’ll be investing more in Discipline and Intellect.

The two Modifiers we’re using are Untouchable and Gift of Void, both for obvious reasons.

Untouchable will combine well with Intellect, while Gift of Void has supportive aspects written all over it, allowing your allies to use their super moves more frequently.

Recommended Stats
The two stats that you should be looking to boost as much as possible are Discipline and Intellect. Your Suppressor Grenades and Ward of Dawn take the center stage of this build, so it’s not entirely necessary to look towards Strength.

Build #2 – The TankClick to View Build
The Tank build takes use of the sheer staying power and durability of the Defender.

While the supportive aspects of the Defender still live through Ward of Dawn, the Tank’s main purpose is to aggro enemies in PvE and opponents in PvP, getting up close and personal while trying to maintain their powerful Force Barrier through the Disintegrate melee strike.

The best way to do this is to set up a Ward of Dawn with the Weapons of Light upgrade, empowering yourself and your team and readying you up for what’s about to come next.

Once done, you can toss in a Suppressor Grenade at nearby foes, then engage them with your weapon, closing down space and eventually gaining the attention of a few.

Once you’ve chipped away some health from a specific opponent, all you’ll need to do is use your Disintegrate melee, and you’ll have your Force Barrier up.

In addition, the usage of War Machine will allow you to go maniacal, reloading at near-instant speed and maintaining a highly pressing presence while the rest of your team comes out of the Ward prepped and ready for action.

Furthermore, your Force Barrier will be even more strengthened with the Relentless modifier. This build is great for both PvE and PvP games as a tank.

In PvE it will generally be easier for you to tank in a manner similar to conventional MMOs, but in PvP you’ll need to be smart about what kind of targets to choose.

Usually it’s best to utilize your buffed weapons by targeting the most lethal threat, which in general comes from the opponent Warlocks, as they have the ability to do lethal collateral damage.

Recommended Stats
As you may have noticed, this build relies more on tanking through Disintegrate and your Force Barrier than it does from Ward of Dawn.

For this reason, Strength should be the stat you should focus on, which will greatly reduce the cool-down of Disintegrate and allow frequent upkeep of your heavily strengthened Force Barrier.

Build #3 – PvE SupportClick to View Build
The PvE Support build is somewhat similar in methodology to the first build listed here, but it has a few alterations. The first alteration is obviously the grenades.

Suppressor Grenades tend to work best in PvP against smart real-life opponents, but aren’t quite useful in PvE. This is why we’ll opt for Spike Grenades, which do more damage than the other two options.

In PvE, your goal should be to maximize outgoing damage and minimize incoming one – there’s no need for the utility and tactical stuff (for the most part), since the AI is aggressive but not necessarily smart.

For the maximizing damage part, you want to use Ward of Dawn in combination with Weapons of Light for that extra bit of lethality to your team’s firing.

Another area to make note of is how Defenders can generate extra Orbs of Light. This can really help your team fire up their super moves and execute them frequently, which is why as a tanky support we’ll use everything that gives us additional Orbs of Light.

This means Gift of Light, Gift of the Void, and Iron Harvest make it into this build, all three generating additional orbs and ensuring lots of super-move execution.

Gift of Void in particular should be almost exclusively used for PvE, as real-life opponents in PvP will be smart enough not to shoot at the Ward.

Take benefit from the AI’s stupidity, and let them shoot at your impenetrable dome of energy.

Recommended Stats
It’s best if you manage to be well-balanced in-terms of stats, with a healthy mix of Discipline, Intellect, and Strength.

You can opt to sway more towards Intellect and Strength though, since the usage of grenades is comparatively less in PvE than it is in PvP.

Don’t forget to share your own Titan Defender BUILDS with us by commenting below!

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