There are 711 Million PC Gamers in The World, Says Intel

By   /   Sep 15, 2014

We knew that PC is the leading choice for many people around the world when it comes to playing video games, but just how many PC gamers are out there? Intel has the answer for us.

Kirk Skaugen spoke at the Intel Developers Forum and said: “desktop is alive and well. It’s innovating, whether it’s small form factors, all-in-ones, portable all-in-ones or extreme gaming.” He further added “There are 711 million PC gamers in the world today, that’s one in ten people on the planet.”

How exactly did Skaugen came up with these numbers in not known but if true, this is truly remarkable.

Intel will soon be placing their Iris Pro GPU component into a socketed processor. Which means owners should be able to buy an Iris Pro-based processor and drop it into a mini-ITX H97 motherboard in order make their very own reasonably priced mini gaming PC.

Intel is focused on the growing PC market and speaking in an interview Intel’s Lisa Graff praised the loyalty of fans to PC gaming and said that the company will be bringing its “best technologies” to PC gaming.

“We’re really focused around PC gaming and enthusiasts. This is the one area of PCs that has kept growing. These are out most loyal customers: PC gamers. They want as much performance as we can throw at them. We’re going to bring Intel’s best technologies to bear for PC gaming”

PC gaming is getting Intel’s attention and we will be seeing some innovative ways to improve the gaming experience on the platform from the company.

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