Microsoft Testing New Xbox Service That Runs Games in Browsers – Rumor

By   /   Sep 14, 2014

According to a new report, Microsoft is currently testing a new feature for its Xbox One console that will allow users to play their Xbox games via their web browser.

The unnamed service is currently being testing with various Xbox titles, including last and current-generation titles. Anonymous sources close to the matter have stated that it’s going to be Microsoft’s next “killer feature” and so far has ran titles with 60 frames per second.

That said, it seems from the report that it’ll be a while before Microsoft officially announces the service, which at its core runs similar to OnLive, the cloud-based platform that give users the option of streaming games at home.

There are still various barriers to overcome before it can hit the market, including licensing where Microsoft will have to negotiate with publishers to allow for this new type of gameplay and essentially take a dive in their revenues from PC game sales.

Since Microsoft has yet to officially confirm a service that’s capable of running games in the browser, consider this report a rumor.

A few weeks back, Microsoft’s R&D department was said to have had made a tremendous breakthrough in Cloud-Gaming. Project DeLorean was able to reduce stuttering and lag by a significant margin. Since the cloud-gaming platform heavily relies on your ISP’s reliability and the company’s servers, a feature to reduce that lag even further is a great achievement.

Source NeoWin

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