Destiny Easter Eggs, Secrets and Cheats

By   /   Sep 14, 2014

Bungie has a reputation of including a range of Easter Eggs in its titles and Destiny is no exception.

Secret Easter Eggs are mostly weird objects hidden somewhere are mostly for the sake of fun, reference to popular culture, or to trigger a special sequence.

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Destiny Easter Eggs, Secrets and Cheats

No matter how well-hidden these objects are, it usually takes community a week or so to discover them, but seeing that a Halo 3 Easter Egg took community seven years to discover, Bungie is rather gifted with this sort of thing.

Below, you’ll find a complete list of Easter Eggs in Destiny discovered by the community:

Watch Your Ship Getting Parked
Immediately after you arrive at the Tower, run to the hangar located on the right side and you will see your ship being parked inside in a short animation.

Destiny in Halo 3: ODST
Although we’re discussing Easter Eggs found in Destiny, I couldn’t help sharing Destiny Easter Egg found in Halo 3: ODST.

In ODST, an advertising board shows an image of the Earth with caption reading, ‘Destiny Awaits’. Do you think Bungie has been planning Destiny since the days of Halo 3: ODST?

Football in the Tower
Head over to the left side of the Tower Hub and you will come across a football lying right adjacent to some containers, under the stairs.

The Beatles Reference
Upon the completion of the game’s story missions, start the game’s credits and listen to ‘Hope for the Future’ by legendary Paul McCartney.

Destiny Logo in the Astronaut’s Footprint
Closely watch the game’s opening cinematic in which an astronaut sets foot on Mars. Inside this astronaut’s footprint, you will notice the game’s logo near the heel-area.

Purple Ball in the Tower
Along with the football in the Tower Hub, you will also find a purple ball near the centre of the Tower Hub.

Approach this purple ball at 90 degrees, and it will launch into the air and will descend very slowly.

Losing the ball will make it spawn again at the original location. Those having difficulty in finding it, look for it on the left side of the bounty dude.

Switch on the Postmaster’s Fan
While in the Tower, reach the top of the Postmaster’s Hut and stand on top of the huge fan. While you do this, have one friend stand on the staircase on the right side of the hut.

At this point, ask your friend to press any button and his/her guardian will float. Do note that your friend must face the city side to make this work!

Do share any other Easter Eggs that you have discovered in the comments below!

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