ArcheAge’s Early Access Release Crippled by DDoS Attacks

By   /   Sep 14, 2014

ArcheAge was released last night for owners of the various founder packs that guarantees them four days of early access. However, it wasn’t long before a sickening DDoS attack crippled the servers and rendered the start of the early access period disappointing.

No MMO title in history has released perfectly. There are always issue and the major one is overcrowding. In this case, owners of the founder packs that should be classified as “Patrons” were marked by the game as the other free-to-play players.

Being a “Patron” guarantees higher priority in queues when joining the servers. Here the Patrons were wrongfully put together with the other batch and had to suffer long queues that exceeded two hours in most cases and for thousands of players.

Many were left stranded at the login screen, while those who found their way in and had to suffer through lag and occasional disconnects. Many speculated that the servers were not just strong enough to withstand the crowd. The developer however revealed in the morning that issues arose due to DDoS attacks.

“Hey folks – Wanted to be open with everyone: Yes this is a DDoS, and yes we’re all over it. Stay tuned for updates,” informed the game’s official Twitter page.

Trion has now announced a grace period where players have 5-10 minutes to log back into the game in case of a disconnect and skip the queue entirely. Also those who reported to not have received their Founders in-game items will receive them soon.

The origins of the DDoS attack are still unknown, but Trion is working to restore services.

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