New Alien Isolation Trailer Tells You Not to Shoot

By   /   Sep 13, 2014

Recently, SEGA started a new series of trailers for Alien Isolation that goes with the hashtag #HowWillYouSurvive. The second trailer in the series was released by them recently and while it is short, it stops at nothing short of giving you goose bumps.

The trailer starts with a stern warning ‘don’t shoot,’ and goes on to show what can happen if you draw that gun and drop some bullets. The characters shoots at a person and only turns around to walk away when the alien arrives and eats her up.

Made me wonder how exactly are we going to go about saving ourselves if that happens to us in the game!

At the end of the trailer, developers of Alien Isolation, The Creative Assembly listed a preorder bonus; upon purchasing the game right now, you will be upgraded to the Nostromo Edition which includes additional content letting you play Crew Expendable as Ellen Ripley, Dallas or Parker.

Now that you have seen what Alien Isolation could do to you, you might be wondering what exactly you will need to have before you can play it. Well, you will either need a PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One or a PC with these requirements.

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