GTA 5 PC Version Got Delayed Because it Needs More Polishing

By   /   Sep 13, 2014

With the reveal of release date of GTA 5 on current-gen consoles, Rockstar went on to announce that they will not be releasing the GTA 5 PC version anytime sooner than January 27, 2015.

Naturally, this led to hue and cry among the fans who have been waiting on it since last year and eventually the developers had to respond.

On the same post where the developer announced the release dates for the upcoming versions yesterday, a comment was made by the official representative of the studio which reads:

“We’re glad to see so many of you are excited for the upcoming release of the new versions of GTAV and we look forward to sharing more details with you soon. We are also incredibly excited to be bringing GTAV to the PC, but the game requires a little more development time in order to ensure that it is as amazing and polished as possible. Please do stay tuned as we reveal new features and information about all the new versions in the weeks ahead.”

Well, you might have expected something a bit more elaborate than this – I did – but that is all we are going to get for now. Looking on the upside however, it seems like the GTA 5 PC version is, hopefully, going to be the real deal as it is going to get almost all of their attention after November.

It was announced yesterday that the PS4 and Xbox One versions will be unleashed on November 18 – you get GTA$1 million for preordering. You may read up on all of that and more about the GTA 5 PC version by going here.

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