Dragon Age Inquisition Skyhold Customization Discussed by Producer

By   /   Sep 13, 2014

The most recent chunk of information that BioWare shared regarding Dragon Age: Inquisition was about the home base, Skyhold.

We were told that the castle would be customizable but now, we know exactly what was meant by that. On the official website, in an interview, Dragon Age: Inquisition producer Cameron Lee explained how the customization works:

Skyhold can be customized to reflect what sort of Inquisition you’re leading. You choose what to do with major parts of the castle such as towers and the courtyard as well as decorations like statues, windows, drapes, furniture, and even the heraldry your Inquisition forces will take into the world.

While these standard items might not suffice to satisfy the Sims fan inside you, something else might. Lee also said that there will be other ways to personalize the Skyhold.

You could get new items by exploring, competing in side quests or just by buying some from traveling merchants.

For me however, the most interesting object is going to be the war table where the players will be able to find out what is happening all over the world and keep a check on new leads on The Elder One – medieval style.

The complete interview is quite detailed and has a lot of information about other things like the activities you can take part in at Skyhold, other NPCs who would be there and the sleep chambers of the characters.

Read it here.

Dragon Age Inquisition has probably made it to the top most mentioned titles on multiple websites by now, and we are still two months far from the release.

The game will be unleashed upon PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on November 18 in North America and November 21 in European Union.

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