Someone has Created Donkey Kong Country in GZDooM, Video Inside

Modders are capable of pulling almost anything off and this new one is only another example. A modder who goes by the name of DooMero has managed to turn GZDooM into a Donkey Kong Country.

If you want to find out how this new mod is looking and playing, then check out the video attached above as it showcases every single moment of the demo.

If you want to take a trip down memory lane then all you have to do is download this demo for which you will need a copy of GZDoom, the mod, and a WAD file from one of the official Doom engine games (Doom, Doom II, Strife, Heretic, Hexen etc).

The game itself is nicely made, but the controls are way too tricky and if you do decide to download the game, be ready to be annoyed with the control scheme.

Do note that this project is currently under development so don’t expect too much from it, as some of the aspects of this new Donkey Kong Country in Doom needs some changing and fixing.

However, still a great job is done by the modder DooMero and credit should be given to him for his incredible effort.

What do you think of this amalgam of two titles?