Destiny Mars Strike Mission Dust Palace Guide

By   /   Sep 13, 2014

The 2nd Strike Mission on Mars is a PlayStation Exclusive for now and will be available for other platforms in Fall 2015. The mission, Dust Palace, takes place in The Hollows and is intended for level 18 players.

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Destiny Mars Strike Mission Dust Palace

Dust Palace Strike can be divided into two portions: infiltrating the enemy base and the final boss fight involving three Psion Flayers.


The strike begins with players attempting to enter the Dust Palace. They have to make their way to a large dome building in front of where they initially spawned.

A room in the back from the left side leads to an elevator shaft where players must drop down and then move through some stairs to reach the Dust Palace. The area is a Darkness Zone so caution is advised.

After entering the Palace, players have to deploy Ghost at a door console to get it open. While Ghost opens the door, Cabal enemies emerge from both sides with a Major Psion Operant on the right side.

He is someone the players should really be careful of while they kill the other enemies and then focus fire on him.

Once all enemies are dead and door opens, players can descend down to the lower floor of the atrium where a Colossus is standing near some stairs leading to the upper floor where a battle between Cabal and Vex forces rages on.

When the Colossus is dead, players can go up and kill the weaker remaining enemies of both sides. Having cleared the area, Ghost can be deployed to open the far door while players fighting a large number of incoming enemies.

Cabal and Vex forces enter the atrium from all sides so players should use cover and take them all out. When they are all dead, Ghost will inform players that he has almost opened the door.

At this moment, a few Psions and a Psion Operant enter the room. Their Psion blast waves should be avoided, and the weaker Psions focused first.

When all enemies are dead, the whole fireteam can focus on the Operant and quickly take it down as Ghost opens the door leading to the

Just like in previous encounters players will come up on a battle between Vex and Cabals. Players have to fight through these enemies as they make their way across and enter the 2nd room, occupied by Centurion and Legionaries.

After clearing the room, Ghost can be deployed on the door on the right to open it up. While Ghost opens the door, Cabal forces attack the players and must be defeated.

Vex forces spawn nearby too and the situation can become really difficult for players if they get caught in the crossfire between both enemies.

Both sides which include a Minotaur, Colossus, Harpies, Phalanxes and a Psion Operant need to be defeated carefully using the cover as much as possible and slowly moving from one end to another.

The door opens once all enemies are dead and players can follow the corridor into a Darkness Zone, The Cortex.

Cabal forces charge the players from left and right sides but the short walls in the area can be used for cover, especially against the two Centurions. The area is pretty open and big so constant movement is advised so that players aren’t surrounded.

After all the Cabal are dead, players can go up the stairs on the left and access the Cortex controls which begins the final encounter of the strike mission, the Psion Flayer boss fight.

Defeating the Psion Flayers

The 3 Psion Flayers combine with the large amount of Cabal reinforcements can make this fight really tough where coordination is absolutely necessary and players have to keep reviving each other in time or survive if they are the last one remaining alive.

All three Flayers have the same abilities and weakness, their head.

Their Slug Rifle is their main attack weapon but while it does not do a lot of damage, the Flayers fast movement speed and intelligent use of their surrounding can leave players weak enough to be killed by a few shots from the rifle.

Like other Psions, the Psion Flayers Blast Wave should be avoided.

Players should constantly keep an eye out for their movement. Whenever the Psions lift off the ground with their arms spread to the side, they are about to fire a Psion blast wave.

The wave moves along the ground towards the target but while it can jumped over its best to just run far away from the Psions until players are out of the waves reach.

The courtyard where the fight happens is a pretty open and large area which allows for easier killing of slower and weaker cabal enemies from a distance with a sniper or scout rifle.

Psions however are extremely fast so slow weapons such as shotguns, sniper rifles, hand cannons should not be used against them instead machine guns, auto rifles and pulse rifles with Void, Arc or Solar attacks are the best way to damage them.

The Psion Flayers each have a shield of a different damage type. Numoc’s shield is Void, Kolar has Arc while Vatch has a Solar shield so a balanced fireteam equipped against all three types is advised while it’s even better to have weapons with 2 damage types.

The Flayers mostly fight from behind cover, but they can be flushed out by throwing explosives and then shooting their heads. The quickest way through the encounter is for the entire fireteam to focus on one Flayer at a time while avoiding the others.

If only one player attacks each Flayer, they will barely manage to take down their shield before the player needs to reload, which will allow the Flayers to regenerate.

Following the death of a Flayer, the whole team should focus on thinning out the herd of weaker enemies that spawns during this time, or they will overwhelm the whole team.

This fight can be extremely long and even longer and tough if players are not well prepared in advance and don’t have a balanced fire team with all three damage types.

If a player is extremely low on health or the last guardian alive, they should jump down to the other side of the courtyard allowing them to regenerate health and wait until others spawn before re-engaging the enemies.

After all the three Flayers are dead, players can kill the remaining Cabal forces in the area which will finally end the Strike mission.

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