Destiny Mars Strike Mission Cerberus Vae II Guide

By   /   Sep 13, 2014

The first Strike Mission on Mars, Cerberus Vae II is intended for level 18 players and begins in Rubicon Wastes of Meridian Bay.

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Destiny Mars Strike Mission Cerberus Vae II

The mission will have players fighting Cabal enemies so Solar attacks are recommended while Void ones work the best. The strike has two stages: finding the boss, Valus Ta’aurc and then the two final boss fights.

Finding Valus

The strike begins with players in Rubicon Wastes trying to access the Cabal Defense Network which can be located in an Interceptor garage.

Ghost can be deployed to access the network. Once this is done, players can now use Interceptors to move around and kill enemies, which is highly recommended instead of running around on foot since the Interceptors do a lot of damage.

The Interceptors can help players push their way past caverns into Iron Line where they come in handy to kill the army of Cabal inside.

Players have to be cautious though and keep an eye on the condition of their vehicle, if the Interceptor explodes, players die with it.

The cannons on the Interceptor should also not be blocked by a rock pretty close to the vehicle because the explosion damage can hurt players.

Since it’s a Strike mission and three players will be in the same area, it’s a good idea if only one or two of them use the Interceptor since it can get crowded with all three using.

The Cabals in the area consist of all kinds but players should especially keep an eye out for Psion’s blast wave and Colossus’ rocket barrage.

The ramps and walkways on the left can be used to kill the enemies as players make their way across the area where they exit through a door leading to the Trenchworks. If a player in the fireteam still has an Interceptor, they have to abandon it now.

After entering Trenchworks, a Darkness Zone, a Cyclops with some Psions stand in the way. They all need to be killed quickly because their attacks combined can be devastating and don’t leave much room for movement.

Having killed them all, players can ride on the three Interceptors parked nearby. Moving forward, players will encounter more Cabal forces along a ravine leading to the tower.

The tower itself is surrounded by a large number of enemies including one of Ta’aurc’s guards, Val Bou’urc, a Major Phalanx.

There are two ways to kill him, either with massive cannon fire from Interceptors or by taking cover behind the lower platform of the tower and firing at him from the side.

If he gets knocked down the tower, players have to pursue him and then finish the job. It’s best to kill him right there on the tower with Interceptor since the damage by those cannons can make quick work of it.

After the first guard dies, a drop ship comes in and spawns more Cabal reinforcements as well as the other two guards, Val Zu’uarc and Val Ma’aurg.

Players should immediately retreat a bit while the enemies spawn so that they aren’t surrounded. These two guards and the other enemies can also be killed with the Interceptors quickly.

When all the enemies, including the guards are dead, players will be able to see more forces being deployed down the hill including a giant Goliath Tank which begins the boss fights of the Strike mission.

Boss Fights

Goliath Tank
Goliath Tank is a giant machine armed with a huge arsenal of weapons, including MG Turret, Flak Cannons, Missile, Mines, Main Cannon, Front Turret and more. Goliath’s only weak spot is its Hover Engine.

The Main Cannon fires a large explosive shot with a delay of 5-10 seconds between the next shot. The cannon moves independent of the tank so players have to keep an eye out for it and listen to its movements to avoid the blast well in time.

The MG Turret is attached to the side of the Goliath and fires at players who are in close proximity. This turret can be destroyed to make it useless.

With an interval of five seconds, the Goliath’s sides open and it fires missile barrages at players in close to a medium range. The missiles can be shot in air, but the best strategy is to destroy the missiles before they are fired, dealing damage to Goliath.

The Flak turrets fire at players airborne but they can be destroyed while Goliath can also deploy mines which stick to the ground and explode after some time or when a player gets close.

Just before deploying these mines, Goliath will charge towards a player so that’s a good indicator for players to get out of the way, as the charge can easily destroy an Interceptor. The mines can be shot from the distance to eliminate them.

The front turrets are pretty harmless and can be destroyed easily as well. Like all other bosses, Goliath also has a pushback attack in the form of Hover Engine Flame Out.

Instead of actually knocking back players, the attack revs up the engines of the tank and release a large flame that does a decent amount of damage to players who get too close.

The best way to defeat Goliath is by first reducing the number of Cabals guarding it using a long-range weapon and killing them from a cliff before going down on Interceptors.

The area is pretty huge so players can move their Interceptors around easily and not block each other’s ways. The Main cannon does a lot of damage so it’s possible that if an Interceptor gets hit, it will catch fire.

If this happens, players should immediately abandon it because if the vehicle explodes, players will die with it. The main focus of Interceptor cannons should be on Goliath’s engines. Once all four are down, it will be destroyed.

Alternatively, players can destroy a combination of other parts such as turrets or missile bay all of which deal a decent amount of damage ultimately resulting in Goliath’s defeat.

If players have to get close, jumps should be avoided as the Flak Turret will quickly shoot them down. Super Ability and Heavy Weapons should be used as soon as they are available on Goliath’s engines.

Now that Goliath has been defeated, players can ride their Sparrows over to Valley of the Kings and head inside the land tank being guarded by Cabals.

Killing these enemies shouldn’t prove to be too difficult. Interceptors should be left outside the tank since the enclosed spaces inside will hinder player movement. The first room of the tank will have some Legionaries, Phalanxes, Psions and a Centurion.

They offer a bit of resistance, but since they are normal enemies, killing them should be easy experience and loot while refilling ammo for the final showdown waiting through a small corridor near the back, leading to Valus Ta’aurc.

Valus Tu’aurc
Valus is an Ultra Colossus whose only weak spot is his head. Like other Colossuses, he is armed with a Heavy Slug Thrower and can also fire Rocket Barrages at players as well as knocking back those who get too close.

The Slug Thrower isn’t very accurate but it’s extremely high rate of fire and heavy damage more than make up for it resulting in massive damage if some player gets caught in its attack so it’s a good idea to run and hide as soon as Valus prepares to fire it.

Whenever Valus raises his gun in the air, players should get ready to run as far from him as possible since he fires a Rocket Barrage of 5 explosives which can track their target to some extent.

The ground slam not only knocks players back but also does serious damage so it’s not a good idea to go close to the boss and players should stay on the move constantly, using the cover to avoid the boss getting close to them.

Heavy Weapons and Super abilities can deal massive critical damage to Valus if aimed at his head.

Reinforcements comprising of Psions, Legionaries and Phalanxes keep coming in from both sides of the area, and they should be killed quickly for their ammo as well as to avoid being swarmed.

If the entire fireteam spreads around the area, they can divert Valus’ attention while protecting the sides from incoming weaker enemies, while making sure that the whole team doesn’t die together, which would result in mission failure.

This, however, will mean that if someone dies, it will be difficult for other team members to reach them so players should use cover as much as possible.

While Valus mostly moves to and fro on the main floor, he can sometimes go to the right ramp on the upper platform, providing him a better vantage point.

A few locations in the area can protect players from incoming rocket fire, and they should be used while continuously doing damage to Valus until he dies, marking the end of the Strike.

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