Destiny Armor and Armor Mods Guide – Stats, Rarity and Slots

By   /   Sep 13, 2014

Armor in Destiny not only redefines the appearance of the character, but is also a major factor when it comes to the character’s defensive stats. Both in PVP and PVE combat modes, the armor play a significant role in ensuring your survival.

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Destiny Armor and Armor Mods

When equipped with decent armor, you will always have higher chances of winning one-on-one gunfights in PVP combat. Each character in Destiny has five armour slots, out of which, four are same for every character, but the fifth is class-restricted.

Destiny Armor

Helmet is the armor slot which is used to defend the head and render enemies attempt to score precision kills useless.

Gauntlets are the armor slot which protects the arms and hands of the character.

Chest armor is the armor slot which arguably takes the most damage and covers the chest area of the character.

Leg armor is the slot which covers the legs of the character.

Class-Restricted Slot
The fifth armor slot is class-restricted and has different attributes. Here’s is quick rundown of each class:

Hunter’s Cloak
The fifth item unique to Hunters is the cloak and hood which adds to the customization options.

Titan’s Badge
The fifth item unique to Titans is the badges around the waist which adds to the customization options.

Warlock’s Bond
Warlocks wear a bond on the left arm as the fifth unique slot of the armour.

Armor Rarity and Stat Bonuses
Similar to weapons in the game, armour also comes in different rarities. These rarities are:

  • White – Common
  • Green – Uncommon
  • Rare – Blue
  • Legendary – Purple
  • Exotic – Gold

Depending on these rarities, each piece of armour will offer different stat bonuses to your character. Primarily, each armour piece adds defensive stat to the character. You need to equip an armour piece which adds the most defensive stat to your character.

Aside from defensive stats, each piece of armour will also enhance secondary stats. The secondary stats are provided below:

  • Discipline – This reduces the grenade cooldown time
  • Intellect – This reduces the cooldown time of the character’s super ability
  • Strength – This reduces the cooldown time of the character’s melee ability
  • Light – This increases the damage dealt by subclass abilities and increases the players level

Armor Mods

In this section, I’ll be discussing about different mods that you can use with your armor:

Grenade Mods

Increased Distance
This is pretty useful mod to use in PVP and PVE and increases the distance that your grenade-throw covers. This distance can further be increased by throwing while jumping or running.

Additional Melee Damage
This is another useful mod to use in PVP and PVE. When equipped with this mod, you will increase your melee energy by three per cent every time you hit an enemy with a grenade. Do note that you just need to damage the enemy and not necessarily kill them to get additional melee damage.

Melee Mods

Decreased Melee Recovery
This mod decreased the recovery time after melee attack by 25 per cent which is pretty useful if you are surrounded by clusters of enemies and need to launch successive melee attacks.

Increased Grenade Energy
This increases the grenade energy by 6 per cent for a melee attack.

Weapon Mods

Reload Speed
This mod increases the reload speed of only one type of weapon [mostly, a primary weapon] by 10 per cent.

Additional Inventory Ammo
Yet another useful mod to use in PVP combat modes. This armour mod allows you to have additional ammo in the inventory which comes in very handy in long missions.

Super Mods

Increased Super Energy
First off, note that this armour mod is not applicable in the PVP combat modes. While in the PVE combat modes, with this mod, you will receive 5 per cent more super energy for killing any enemy.

Increased Super Energy By Grenades
This mod gives you increased super energy of 7 per cent by killing an enemy by any type of grenade.

Orbs of Light

Health Regeneration
This armour mod gives you a small HP boost of 10 for picking up a light orb in the battlefield. This is not it. You will also receive 1.5 seconds of continuous health regeneration.

Additional Grenade Energy
This armour mod gives you increased grenade energy of 6 per cent for picking up an orb of light.

Additional Melee Energy
Similar to the grenade energy mod, this armour mod gives you increased 6 per cent melee energy boost for each orb you pick up in the battlefield.

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