Deep Down is 60% Complete, Should Come Out in 2015

By   /   Sep 13, 2014

Deep Down is a Playstation 4 exclusive title and the game was part of TGS last year. And cccording to producer Kazunori Sugiura, the game was only 5% complete at that time.

In an article, published in the weekly Famitsu Magazine, Sugiura shared some fresh details on the development of Deep Down revealing that the game has come a long way since Tokyo Game Show and is now 60% complete.

Twitter Users Chiekita and Sosui@Diablo3ROS shared a couple of scans from the magazine which revealed the news.

In addition to the update on the game’s development, the scans show some new screenshots from Deep Down showcasing a variety of environments the players will be able to explore. You can check out scans at the bottom of this article.

Furthermore, the multiplayer portion of the game is 40% complete, the reason for this, is because it takes about 5 times as much to develop. At this rate we might see the game come out in summer 2015.

Developed by Capcom, Deep Down is a free to play role playing game that will task players to explore dungeons based on the memories collected from valuable artifacts.

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