Transverse Dev Piranha Games Changes the Funding Goal and Apologizes to the Fans

By   /   Sep 12, 2014

Transverse, a new space title under development at Piranha Games came up for funding a few days ago and people were quite stunned with the goals because just to battle against another spaceship, the game needed 2 Million USD.

However, it seems now they are awake and have realized that their goals are asking for too much, which is why the initial goal has been brought down to 0.5 Million.

After this realization, developers have also revealed that if their game is not able to reach its goal within the time remaining, then all of the money of backers will be refunded to them in full.

The $500,000 goal gets us to an alpha state on ship construction, flight, combat, and harvesting. While release of the final, fully developed feature for each module is dependent on future funding, this is our first major step towards making this trans-human spacesim a reality. Backers who are a part of hitting this goal will get full access to the alpha builds.

If this goal is not met within the time remaining below (days to reach goal), all backers will be refunded 100%!

After making this announcement, things have become reassuring for both the developers and backers. Furthermore, Piranha Games have apologized to the fans as well for their behavior on Reddit, and I am sure, more people will now be inclined to invest in the game.

For more information regarding Transverse, head over to its official website.

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