Star Citizen Arena Commander V0.9 Update Is Releasing Today

By   /   Sep 12, 2014

Star Citizen’s highly anticipated Arena Commander “V 0.9” update is going to release today after suffering some delays, and it is going to bring in some exciting new features.

This new update is going to include co-op play, leaderboards, races and some other stuff alongside a bunch of bug fixes that will give a smoother experience of the space simulator to the players.

The post on Star Citizen official website indicates that the developers are working on a couple of release candidates:

Tonight’s version, now approved, is what we’re calling Release Candidate 2, or RC2. Since kicking off the build process for RC2 earlier today, we’ve made a number of additional bug fixes and improvements that we’d like to see included with the patch.

Release Candidate 4 is currently building and will be available for QA in Manchester to test when they get to work in a few hours. This version will also be uploaded and staged later tonight. If Release Candidate 4 is also approved, we will release it instead of the version undergoing staging now.

If it introduces unexpected bugs, then we will pull the trigger, make RC2 available tomorrow and integrate the last-minute changes in a future patch.

V0.9 Update is bringing some nice additions to the game, and we hope that the upcoming updates of the game do not get delayed this much and will release on the given time.

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Source: Robert Space Industries

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