Hatch Eggs In Dragon’s Prophet MMO Update

By   /   Sep 12, 2014

Publisher Deep Silver’s massively multiplayer online (MMO) game, Dragon’s Prophet, has released an update that will be perfect for those who miss the nurturing warmth of Tamagotchi pets. Starting now, you’re able to find eggs in the free-to-play roleplaying game (RPG), which you can then hatch.

This new mechanism allows you to breed your own mounts, where you previously needed to tame them in the wild. One of Dragon’s Prophet’s main draw points is that it has a multitude of pets that can be used for combat as well.

Hatching an egg can be done in your housing system, where you can plop down a nest. To increase your chances to get a rare dragon, you can use some Dragon Spirit Powder.

Additionally, friends can visit your home and help you hatch an egg. Doing so is faster to get your pet, but it also rewards those who helped out.

Along with the hatching mechanism, Dragon’s Prophet has updated a slew of its content. For instance, tons of skills have been made available for lower levels.

There’s also a house teleport system that allows players to travel quickly to homes, whether their own of that of a friend. Memory optimization should facilitate players who have been experiencing some crashes.

Another update to keep in mind is that the PvP combat in Territory Wars will temporarily work without Siege Weapons.

Dragon’s Prophet is kind of flying under the radar, when it comes to MMO’s. Developer Infernum has also recently worked on Hazard Ops, another low profile game with some interesting shooting action.

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