You Get Four In-Game Destiny Events This Month, ‘Salvage’ Kicks off Today

By   /   Sep 12, 2014

The online persistent world FPS might not have as much content as many of us expected, but the developers have planned to keep adding more to it. For instance, in September you will get atleast four in-game Destiny events to boast your skills.

According to the official website of Bungie, the launch of the game was just the beginning of an ‘epic adventure,’ and now they are bringing out some of the new challenges for you. First up, there is Salvage; an event that will start today i.e. September 12 and go on until September 14.

In there, the ‘Guardians fight to claim and salvage relics on small to medium sized maps in this intense 3v3 objective mode,’ where you ‘secure relics, disrupt enemy probes and destroy the opposition.’

The rewards that you are looking at include Crucible Gear, Crucible Marks and Crucible Reputation.

Next up will be the Vault of Glass; just as the tagline for the event suggests, the event is located in Venus where ‘evil stirs.’ The description reads:

“No one knows what lies within the Vault of Glass, only that beyond its gates you will face your greatest challenge yet. Gather your Light. Stand together. Become Legend.”

This one will start on September 16 and bring you Raid Set Gear and Ascendant Materials as rewards.

While only these two Destiny events were detailed, September will host two others namely Combined Arms and Queen’s Wrath. Once we are into October, another event called Iron Banner will be waiting.

What do you think about the Destiny events? Will you be taking part in any of these?

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