Facebook Gaming Gets Shut Down in Korea Until Further Notice

By   /   Sep 12, 2014

Facebook gaming has been shut down in Korea by its Game Rating and Administration Committee (GRAC) until further notice. While there has been no official statement on the cause, it’s thought to be an attempt at shutting down social casino games.

Such titles go against the country’s anti-gambling laws. However, instead of targeting titles individually, the committee thought it better to simply bring down the entire Facebook gaming category. Thus putting a stop to all payments on games such as the highly popular and in the past controversial title, King’s Candy Crush Saga.

According to incoming reports, the ban was placed on August 26 and is in line with the Game Industry Promotion Act, which requires all titles to be rated by a panel of nine people. Until a GRAC rating is placed for each title, it’s unlikely that the gaming apps on Facebook will be functional.

This also means that in the future, any developer looking to release a Facebook game in Korea will have to pay to have their game rated. The official guidelines state that upon submission, a game will receive a rating within 15 days. However, as of yet, there’s no such action performed on the Facebook titles.

It’s unknown as to when exactly Facebook games will be returning to the region. During this time, developers will have nothing else to do except simply wait it out patiently, while their titles lose revenue on a daily basis.

Source: Latis Games

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