EA Explains the Reason Behind Lack of Women Football in FIFA Franchise

By   /   Sep 12, 2014

FIFA franchise has been going on for a long while but it has never introduced Women in their titles, but with next-gen consoles out now, many of the fans requested EA to include Female footballers into the title.

In an interview with Play, game’s Lead Producer Sebastian Enrique has given us a reason on why it can’t be done at this moment.

People ask us for a lot of things every year, including female teams and even including FIFA Street within a FIFA game as a five-a-side mode. And that’s good – I want people to tell us what they want in the game.

We always need to make sure that what we can build and what we include ends up being the right package and so far women’s football hasn’t made the cut.

This might be disappointing for the women football fans, but at least EA is considering their addition into the series and in future we might see women football included in FIFA titles after all.

It all depends on the demand of the fans and if more of them are looking to play women football in FIFA, then surely EA will need to make some big changes and bring in all new female footballers.

Would you like to see EA adding women to FIFA franchise?

Source: Play

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