Destiny has an Infinite Ammo Exploit, Can be a Fun Spoiler

By   /   Sep 12, 2014

Well, the title must have lured you in either because you are were wondering why some of the players never ran out of ammo or because you yourself wanted to ensure you stop only after blasting the ass off of your enemies. Either way, some people have already found an exploit in Destiny that gets you infinite Ammo.

Someone who has been eager to win against others found the exploit and then videos were shared on YouTube, you can see the exploit at works in the video above.

The exploit in question allows you to fire whole clips of ammo and then keep firing without having to reload – and it applies to all the weapons! While this saves time and inflates the firepower of your guns, it also has ramifications for the game’s multiplayer.

Obviously, needing time to stop and reload your gun is an important part of the tactical aspect of the game.

All that being said, I don’t think this is really that much of a game breaker because Destiny is not a game where ammo is scarce (most of time atleast). What I do think is that this is probably just the beginning of a streak of exploits on the game.

Destiny has been developed for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and it got released worldwide on September 9 (except Japan where the game was released yesterday).

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