Destiny Engram Farming Guide to Get Legendary and Rare Weapons/Armor

By   /   Sep 12, 2014

Engrams in Destiny are crystals coded with patterns of armor and weapons. Upon decoding, an Engram creates a random item related to either armor or weapon.

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Destiny Engram Farming Tips

Encoded Engrams are sold by the Cryptarch, found as loot, and are randomly dropped by enemies upon death. Similar to Glimmer, Engrams can be farmed at different locations – as discussed in this guide.


For this method, you need to start exploration mode and travel to the Rocketyard where you will encounter hive knights on the twisted path. Since enemies like knights have a higher chance to drop Engrams upon death, this is a good farming location.

There are about four hive knights in this area, and you need to keep on going back and forth to earn Engrams. Using this method, you will earn about 10 Engrams in merely an hour or so.

This is not all! Aside from farming Engrams, you will also level up quite fast than normal which is actually pretty good.

Shrine of Oryx

To do this method, I would recommend that you be at least around level 12 or above. To get started, open up the Moon and start Shrine of Oryx mission with a level modifier of 12.

Tip: I would not recommend going for higher levels than level 12 because it is pretty useless.

Anyway, keep on progressing through the mission as normal until you reach the large tunnel. After coming out of the tunnel, you will see about eight of the hallowed acolytes and some dregs in the area

It is fine to go past the dregs and keep your entire focus on the hallowed acolytes. Kill all these acolytes and jump off the nearest cliff to kill your guardian.

Killing your guardian will make you spawn at the most-recent spawn location so you can keep on repeating this process.

This method will not only provide you with Engrams [both green and blue], but you will also acquire a good amount of Glimmer.

Also, don’t forget to take up Black Wax Iron which will increase the amount of Engrams and Glimmer significantly.

Nexus Strike Mission

Nexus Strike Mission Guide – First off, you need to be level 14 to complete this method. Head over to dark cave where you will encounter Servitors and Minotaurs. At this point, you need to kill all the goblins in the area.

After clearing out the area, jump off the nearby cliff and you will spawn at the most-recent checkpoint.

Keep on repeating this process, and you will get a ton of Engrams in no time. These goblins not only drop green and blue Engrams, but also legendary items that are pretty insane.

Ishtar Commons

This method is provided by Jacob Schurgin in the comments section and reads:

Ishtar Commons on Venus in explore mode. There is a battle between Fallen and Vex. Kill The Fallen, run over to the Vex and kill them. By that time, The Fallen should have spawned. Rinse and Repeat. In 2 25-30 minute session i got 6-7 Rare and 13-18 uncommon engrams.

Do check it out and let us know whether it worked for you or not! You can also join the discussion below!

The Dark Beyond

You need to progress through as the mission as usual until the Temple of Crota opens up. Once the door opens, you will come across a bunch of Thralls and other enemies.

You need to clear out the area and get killed in the end. Doing so will make you spawn again at the most-recent checkpoint. Keep on repeating this process and you will be flooded with Engrams.


ColdFront X has compiled a nice little video detailing the positions of different chests on the Mars containing rare and legendary Engrams.

Check out this video below and test it this method for yourself:

We will keep on adding more methods as we go by discovering them. In the meantime, don’t forget to share your own methods with us in the comments below!

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