Destiny Boar Bug Affects PS3, Create a New Account Says Bungie

By   /   Sep 12, 2014

If you are one of the players affected by Destiny Boar bug on PS3, then Bungie has suggested a fix that could help you get rid of the Boar error.

Fans on the Playstation Forums reported that every time they try to play Destiny on PS3, they get an error code Boar.

Thankfully, Bungie took notice of the situation and has come to the rescue. The affected players are advised to create a new PSN ID (Hassle?).

One of the users on PS Forums said that creating a new ID worked for him.

“I fixed creating a psn US account, then i created a ps3 user and come into psn network with the psn US user. Then get into the game and the expansion starts to download.Once the expansion it’s downloaded and installed you can switch to your primary account and play without problem.”

According to Bungie, the reason behind this issue could be because of a region mismatch between your PSN account and the game. So, before downloading the latest game update players should create a new PSN account, ensure that it matches the region of your copy of the game.

After you have successfully created a new account now it’s time to download the latest game update. You will have to launch Destiny in order to download the update, once that’s done you can switch back to your primary PSN account and hopefully the Boar won’t be an issue anymore.

If the suggested fix does not work then you might have to re-install Destiny. Hopefully, these steps will help you have an error free Destiny experience.

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