Titanfall: New Map Zone 18 Revealed For IMC Rising DLC

By   /   Sep 11, 2014

A new multiplayer map has been revealed by Respawn Entertainment for its upcoming IMC Rising DLC for Titanfall.

Zone 18 is being called as a fast-paced map that is split into two areas by a central supply path. Located inside an old IMC base that is hidden in the wilderness of the Dakota system, the facility was being used for advance research of IMC robotics.

Now it will act as a battlefield for players and pilots who will be able to enjoy plenty of free space in the middle path for their Titans. Additionally, the ally ways will provide plenty of cover for advancing troops.

Pilots who enjoy close quarter battles will have to stick to the interior passages, while those more prone in long-ranged battles will want to take hold of rooftops.

“Until recently, the Militia knew the region only as the decommissioned ‘Zone 18′, the way it was labeled on stolen IMC maps provided by Barker. Now, picking up mysterious sensor readings from the area, the Militia deploys recon teams to investigate.”

According to the developer, Zone 18 was originally used to test Titanfall’s game mode Last Titan Standing. The map was then later tweaked a bit to fit all game modes and be more feasible for players.

The announcement of Zone 18 comes right after the reveal of Backwater last week, which is another multiplayer map being introduced in the IMC Rising DLC for the Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

Source: Titanfall

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