PayDay 2 Hotline Miami DLC Announced, Teaser Video Inside

By   /   Sep 11, 2014

It has been over a year since PayDay 2 was released right? Some of you might be getting tired of the game and want something new. Well, how about a PayDay 2 Hotline Miami DLC?

Yes, the developers have officially announced that the next DLC of the heist based game is going to be collaboration between them and the makers of Hotline Miami. Not just that, the official website of PayDay 2 has a short teaser trailer which despite being short, hits the bull’s eye.

We have not been told about the exact content that the PayDay 2 Hotline Miami DLC will bring, however, it is certain that there will be heist. The downloadable content pack releases on September 30 through Steam. Until then, let’s savor the brutality above as we wait for more information

How many of you are going to drop those dimes for getting to play jacket in the PayDay 2 Hotline Miami DLC?

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