Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine Sells 1 Million Copies

By   /   Sep 11, 2014

Developer Pocketwatch Games has announced a successful milestone for Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine, landing 1 million in sales. This figure doesn’t include any promotional giveaways, according to the team’s Twitter feed.

Monaco is a top-down stealth action game, where players can embody a team of infiltrators that try to sneak in buildings undetected to get to their objective. Its main design includes a line of sight mechanism that obscures anything that’s not directly in the character’s range.

The heist team consists of different member that each have their specific strengths in getting through a location. For instance, a hacker can bypass security systems, while a locksmith makes any locked doors a cinch to get through.

There’s also a combat element to the game, though ammo is tied to a pickup mechanism that encourages sleuthing around locations. This prevents characters from running and gunning to their objective.

For an indie title, Monaco managed to gain a lot of media traction. This eventually resonated in a heightened awareness for the game, which then lead to even more exposure.

Despite the million milestone not being subject to free copies, the game has been prominently featured in sales that may contribute to the figure. It was one of the themed titles during a big Steam sale event and it has also been a part of a Humble bundle, both of which sell tens of thousands of copies on their own.

Critical reception for the game has been fairly unanimously well-received. Currently, the game enjoys a Metacritic score upward of 80.

Monaco is available both on PC and on Xbox 360. Currently, developer Pocketwatch Games is working on strategy game LEADtoFIRE.

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