Kodoku Chronicles Horror Visual Novel Tries Kickstarter

By   /   Sep 11, 2014

Once more, independent developer Carnivore Studio is taking to Kickstarter to enhance its Kodoku game. This time, it wants to expand their project with a visual novel, which will work with the same highly disturbing art as its main Kodoku release.

Kodoku Chronicles, as the visual novel is called, will have some combat elements to go along its illustrated panels. You’ll be given a choice of spells that can harm assailants in certain ways or try to increase your luck.

There will also be character enhancement, as new spells can be acquired during a playthrough. Health and luck can be improved, depending on relationships with other characters.

It looks like the game’s Kickstarter page is using some captivating imagery to garner interest. There’s also plenty of blood and strange creatures present in the panels.

The visual novel is only asking for £8,000, though it has lofty stretch goals that will add more platforms and climbs all the way to £80,000 for an Xbox One port. Its base version will release for PC.

This is the second time that the team takes to Kickstarter. In June, a similar project in Kodoku Origins failed to garner even as little as £3,500. Likely, this is due to a lack of info, which is better in the Kodoku Chronicles campaign, but still rather cryptic.

Its main release, Kodoku, is still expected for release on Playstation 4 and Ps Vita. This version will feature more exploration, but use the same bizarre and disturbing themes that makes this lore look so damn interesting.

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